Smokey Girl Oil Painting Wall Art

Hip Hop Prizes

SKU: CJJJYSFZ00126-Black-40X50cm

Woven Personal Portrait Oil Painting. Crafted through computer inkjet technology, this piece celebrates individuality and allure. Here’s why it deserves a place on your wall:


  1. Material Excellence:
    • Made from non-woven fabric, this oil painting exudes texture and depth.
  2. Ordinary Oil Painting Aesthetics:
    • The classic style pays homage to timeless artistry.
  3. Smokey Girl Theme:
    • The portrait captures the enigmatic beauty of a Smokey Girl.
  4. Frameless Simplicity:
    • The absence of an outer frame allows the focus to remain on the subject.


  • Material: Non-woven fabric
  • Oil Painting Type: Ordinary oil painting
  • Production Method: Computer inkjet
  • Outer Frame: No frame
  • Color: Black
  • Specifications: Smokey Girl

Let art speak on your walls. Order your Non-Woven Personal Portrait Oil Painting today and celebrate individual allure!