Three-In-One Combination Opening Four-Leaf Clover Ring

Hip Hop Prizes

SKU: CJLX137495402BY

The Three-In-One Combination Opening Four-Leaf Clover Ring is a delightful piece that combines symbolism with elegance. Let’s explore its unique features:

  • Spinning Top Design: The four-leaf clover element can be rotated, adding an interactive and playful touch to the ring.
  • Shiny Zircon Embellishment: The zircon stones beautifully wrap around the clover, creating a dazzling effect.
  • Charming Symbolism: The four-leaf clover traditionally represents luck, hope, love, and faith.


  • Type: Rings
  • Material: Copper
  • Packing: Individually packed (also available in bulk)
  • Style: Women’s
  • Color: White Gold (Set)
  • Size: Adjustable opening

Package Content:

  • 3 * Rings (Sold as a set)

Whether you’re wearing it for its symbolic meaning or simply as a stylish accessory, the Three-In-One Combination Opening Four-Leaf Clover Ring is sure to captivate hearts.